Airelles - Chateau de Versailles

The Experiences

The keys to the kingdom are yours at Le Grand Contrôle. Gain exclusive access to the Château de Versailles, delve into its stories, uncover its secrets, and experience this historic destination as never before with our range of unforgettable adventures.

What to do in Versailles ?

To step into Le Grand Contrôle is to leave the world behind. From those very first moments, your personal butler will take care of every detail to make your stay extraordinary – and effortless. The unforgettable is woven into every stay at Le Grand Contrôle, but in keeping with the extraordinary setting, we’ve curated an array of experiences truly worthy of the Palace of Versailles.

With exclusive and unparalleled access to the most famous palace in the world, guests of Le Grand Contrôle are invited to delve into French history as never before. Doors closed to the public will open for you at the Château de Versailles, where you’ll see the iconic Hall of Mirrors in all its gilded glory – without the crowds. But that’s not all. You might choose to explore the royal library, where letters from George Washington and Marie-Antoinette herself await your discovery. Or perhaps you’ll take in a performance at the Royal Opera from your private box, before sipping champagne with members of the orchestra.

Animals and Versailles have a long, enduring royal history. Become part of that ancient tradition and live the life of French royalty as you ride on horseback through the Park of Versailles, or fly your own falcon in the forest of Rambouillet. The journey through time continues, with sumptuous 18th-century costumes available for a spectacular photoshoot, or why not meet Marie-Antoinette herself over tea?

And when you’re not travelling through time? Travel by road, river or air. Hop into a classic car to tour the stunning countryside, sail the Grand Canal in an electric boat, or jump into a light aircraft and take to the skies for views rarely seen. Exploring the gardens is made fast (and fun) in one of our electric golf carts, and perfected by a gourmet picnic in the perfect spot. There’s simply no need to wonder what to do in Versailles: at Le Grand Contrôle, at every moment, a new adventure promises to whisk you away.