Relive 18th century elegance at the Château de Versailles in period costumes

During an exceptional break, feel like an actor in the ‘Versailles’ series when you try on one of the replicas of the period costumes used during the shooting. Wear precious fabrics and accessories from the 18th century. This exclusive moment will be immortalised during a photo shoot or at a private event during your stay, carefully arranged by our hotel.

The experience of a tailormade royal stay

At the heart of the Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle will transport you to the 18th century to offer a unique, entirely personalised and extraordinary stay. It is an experience like no other to enjoy with family or friends, making your dreams come true, dressing up in one of our period costumes. The authentic and refined atmosphere among traditional gilding, mouldings and frescoes will amaze you.

In search of something exceptional, allow yourself to be seduced by our range of 18th century costumes, the silky outfits, as elegant as they are extravagant. Following your makeover, these exceptional moments will be captured by a photographer in one of Le Grand Contrôle’ salons or your prestigious Suite. These fabulous pictures will immortalise this unique opportunity.

After your session, share your thoughts and feelings over an indulgent and refined sweet afternoon tea, like one Marie-Antoinette might have enjoyed.

To round off your sensational day, our hotel invites you to a family dinner in our fine-dining restaurant, or a private dinner with friends in costume. A dedicated butler will look after every detail for you: fun and royal feasting are the order of the day to ensure you have an unforgettable stay.  

Versailles fashion: period costumes and accessories

The 18th century was the era of extravagance: the French were well-known for their obsession with how they dressed. France became a watchword throughout the world for luxury and haute couture, a reputation that it retains to this day.

During your stay, Airelles Château de Versailles invites you to put on these valuable costumes, made by professionals passionate about the 18th century. It is an exceptional collection to take you back to the time of the Kings.

Discover the age of Louis XVI when men were dressed in justaucorps, short culottes with silk stockings and long jackets embellished with magnificent embroidery. Put on an outfit with dozens of buttons, precious fabrics, floral motifs and an ornament of lace or muslin, particularly appreciated at the time of the French Monarchy, under the reign of Louis XIV, then Louis XV. 

To complete your period costume, as well as symbolic accessories such as white powdered hairpieces with curls are at your disposal.

French dresses, caracos and corsages will delight the ladies in a luxurious, plush atmosphere. You will love the dresses with pleated backs and rigid underskirts, combined with corsets to flatter your waist. A sumptuous train completes the outfit, with silk heels or mules on your feet. To finish off the look, a beauty spot will be painted into the hollow of your lips. You will put on a wig decorated with several accessories of your choice: flowers, birds, or unusual objects.  It is an eccentric hairstyle with impressive height to evoke the exuberant tastes of the aristocracy at the start of the 18th century. This bouffant style is a tribute to Léonard, Marie-Antoinette’s hairdresser, lauded for his artistic talents by the royalty at Versailles.

Allow yourself the luxury of a royal escape in period costume in an exceptional place. It is an unforgettable experience which will leave you with precious and emotional memories.

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