An Introduction to Falconry

Le Grand Contrôle invites you to an unforgettable experience in the beautiful forest of Rambouillet in Yvelines, where your expert falconer awaits with a majestic new friend – the falcon. Experience first-hand a tradition stretching back through the centuries, find out more about this historic royal pastime, and learn the subtle gestures and commands that will help you fly these awe-inspiring birds.

A privileged encounter with birds of prey

During your introduction to falconry, you'll not only meet a magnificent falcon, but also some other impressive feathered friends. Depending on the availability of the birds, you might be introduced to an owl, eagle or buzzard, giving you an incredible up-close experience with these mysterious, magical birds of prey.

An unforgettable falconry experience

Our seasoned falconer will be your expert guide as you discover the intricacies of birds of prey, their hunting techniques, and the art of flying these magnificent creatures. Throughout the experience, your guide will help to unravel the secrets of falconry's unique language, including essential terms like "buffet" and "stoop." With the help of your falconer, you'll gain an in-depth understanding of the vocabulary, techniques, and rituals associated with this ancient and prestigious practice.

Having learned so much, it's time to put all that knowledge into practise! Your introduction to falconry wouldn't be complete without a flight of your own. Take the reins and watch as your falcon soars through the sky under your command, and experience the genuine connection between you and your bird of prey.

As you delve into your falconry experience, you'll be traveling back through time to the 17th century, when falconry was a symbol of power and majesty, and a favoured pastime of the French aristocracy. You'll find out more about Louis XIII's passion for falconry, his beloved collection of 300 birds of prey, and the establishment of royal falconries near the iconic Château de Versailles.

After your exhilirating falconry experience, stroll through the peaceful beauty of the Rambouillet forest. Once a royal hunting ground, today this large forest is a protected area stretching over 200km and home to wild boar, red deer and birds of prey. A must for lovers of the natural world, this falconry experience will reconnect you to all the magic of nature.

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