Our commitments


Our waste is sorted and recycled

Whether collecting food waste in our winter properties or tracking the end of the life of a Styrofoam bin, Airelles seeks to go beyond its legal obligation and is committed to the 100% recycling and recovery of its waste in accordance with local restrictions.

Wherever possible, all waste, from leftover food to soap, paper, plastic, coffee capsules and cigarette butts, is sorted, collected by ethical or B Corp Certified orations and recycled in traceable channels throughout France.

Some of our mountain locations are pioneers in the recycling of bio-wastes (meal preparation and leftover food), which are collected and composted before being returned to the earth.

And as for the other’s waste…Our teams combine their efforts to collect them, as they did this year during two clean-up operations in Courchevel and Val d’Isere.

Our soaps are recycled by Unisoap

Hygiene equals life, health, self-esteem and social inclusion. And in these troubled pandemic times, soap, in its simplest form, is all the rage.

It's for all these important reasons and, as part of its CSR policy, that Airelles has entered into a partnership with Unisoap, an organization based in Lyon which collects the disposable soaps from our locations. These soaps are then treated in a recycling center that's part of a Service d'Aide par le Travail (ESAT) in Lyon which employees disabled people. Recycled soap is then given to local and national partner organizations who redistribute it to at-risk populations.

We're eradicating single-use plastic

PET plastic bottles have all but disappeared from our properties and have been replaced by purified water in glass bottles. The only remaining containers, for safety reasons (in vehicles, ski rooms, etc.), are made from 100% recycled plastic. 

In guest rooms and bathrooms, our complimentary products are wrapped in rice paper, and our beauty products are in eco-pump dispensers. Even the soles of the Versailles slippers are made of faux suede!

The majority of our employees are equipped with eco-designed water bottles that are 100% Made in France from sustainable and recyclable materials.

We practice responsible cleaning

For the comfort of our clients, staff and the planet, our housekeeping teams use dry steam or stabilized aqueous ozone cleaning equipment as well as eco-responsible cleaning products. 

The policy for changing linens is at the client's discretion. In the absence of instructions, our staff limits the frequency.

We advocate for responsible gastronomy

Homemade is, by nature, responsible! In all our restaurants, our chefs and their teams favor locally-sourced products, employ processes that avoid waste and work with organic fruits and vegetables as much as possible. 

All our minibar snacks are organic and packaged by ethical companies or ESATs, and our coffees and teas come from fair trade factories. 

At Le Grand Contrôle, 100% of the fruits and vegetables come from the Ile de France, with a large portion coming from the Trianon's own vegetable garden!

We conserve water and energy

Whenever possible, we favor geothermal energy, a closed circulation system using water drawn from the water table, and the recovery of rainwater and wastewater, which we store in tanks and treat for reuse in irrigation.  

In our mountain locations, we use the outside air to cool the water, thereby air conditioning the kitchens and some of the rooms. 

Our hotels are lit with LEDs, including the century crystal chandeliers at Le Grand Contrôle! 

We are gradually equipping all our locations with electric cars and golf carts.


We encourage our employees to get involved! 

In 2021, LOV Group signed a partnership with the social startup, VENDREDI, a platform which connects hundreds of organizations and missions centered around solidarity.

Airelles now grants all permanent employees four days per year during work hours to get involved in projects with strong social impact. 

Whether for a few minutes a week, a few hours per month or a few days per year, employees can choose one or more causes and get involved in person or remotely, whether alone or as part of a team, in missions within their profession or outside their profession.

We're building a partnership with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque (Mécénat Cardiac Surgery)

In April 2021, Airelles employees were involved in a wellness and solidarity challenge in order to raise money for surgery for a child with a heart condition.

Over the course of a month, teams walked, ran, biked, did yoga, lifted weights, meditated and gardened, recording all activities on their smartphones. 126 participants logged more than 18,000 kms, from Saint-Tropez to Paris, via Courchevel, Val d'Isère, Estoublon, Annecy and Lyon, both at home and at work. Their efforts resulted in a successful surgery for Mariam Soubounou, a two-year-old Malian girl, operated on in Strasbourg in May for a tetrology of Fallot. Mariam is now doing well and has been reunited with her family in Mali.

Additionally, our most athletic employees run with a team representing Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque and have participated in the Ecotrail de Paris in July 2021 and in the prestigious Trophée du Cœur at the St Nom la Bretèche golf course.

Our properties offer prestigious hotel accomodation in raffles organized by the charity, and some of our staff deliver skill-sharing patronage, for instance during the Christmas Sale in Vincennes.

Finally, our 2022 greeting cards and birthday cards for the employees are branded Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque.

We support causes related to health and inclusion through the LOV Group's endowment fund.

We support the AP-HP and INRIA (Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique) project, which is to develop to help diagnose prostate cancer.

We are committed to the ICM (Institut du Cerveau et de Moelle Épinière), a brain and spinal cord institute and a global leader in neuroscience, whose ambition is to accelerate understanding of the brain and revolutionize the treatment of brain pathologies. 

We support the LAZARE Association, which organizes and develops shared apartments throughout France and Europe, where people who've experienced situations of great exclusion and young active volunteers can live together. 

We also support the Muco sans Frontières Association, which carries out exceptional sporting events to inspire, give hope and mobilize resources to improve the daily lives of people with cystic fibrosis. On June 8, six athletes attempted to climb Mont Blanc with no oxygen.