The Château de Versailles gardens, like nothing else in the world

The typically French gardens at the Château de Versailles, designed by gardener André Le Nôtre in the time of King Louis XIV, impress millions of tourists every year. Le Grand Contrôle invites you to explore this sumptuous and verdant place decorated with statues, splendid tree-lined groves and water features. We promise you the chance to get away from it all, enjoying a series of immersive experiences and exclusive private access, for a breath-taking journey through time.

A bucolic escape in the Château de Versailles gardens

Extending over around 800 hectares, these spectacular grounds seem to go on forever thanks to several optical illusions. Considered as the icon of 18th century European gardens, this splendid verdant park, with many alleys, contains a thousand treasures and important monuments from the Age of Enlightenment.

Take a private tour of the Domaine de Trianon away from the crowds, arranged by our hotel, and let yourself be seduced by the beauty of these fabulous French gardens at the famous Château de Versailles. Take a walk full of surprise and wonder as you retrace the history of Versailles, exploring this magnificent domain on foot or aboard a golf buggy. Wander the hunting lanes and admire the stunning view over the Grand Canal on horseback. You can also navigate the immense cross-shaped waterway, with its main axis drawing the perspective of the Château de Versailles gardens towards the horizon. During lavish royal parties, fireworks were launched from the Grand Canal, lighting up the sky with a thousand sparkles.

For a day in the open air, we’ll organise a private morning tour to reveal the best kept secrets of these luxuriant grounds and maze of plants. This will be followed by a gourmet picnic, carefully laid out by us on the shaded Grand Canal lawns. Whether with family or friends, it will be a lovely memory of your time in the Château de Versailles gardens!

Majestic lakes with sublime fountains and copses

Take time to wander, for as long as you like, along the elegant alleys bordered with marble or bronze statues which emerge from the charming spinneys, each one with its own secrets. In 1661 the Sun King commissioned André Le Nôtre to design and create these luxurious gardens. A tribute to French elegance, the Château de Versailles gardens today have no less than 200,000 trees, 300 statues and around 50 bubbling fountains, each one more magnificent than the next.

From the Ballroom Wood, where Louis XIV and his Court danced, to the famous Three Fountains Wood, admire the many sculptures and lakes, including the unforgettable Lake of Neptune. Thirty lakes boast water jets and fountains which glitter during the Grand Eaux night show. And for lights that glisten to the rhythm of baroque music, look out for the exceptional Versailles’ Grandes Eaux Musicales performance. This magnificent stroll under a royal fireworks display is totally breath-taking.

A peaceful haven with a stunning view of the Versailles gardens

From your Royal Suite, live life as it was in the 18th century and admire André Le Nôtre’s unique, theatrical and sophisticated masterpiece.

In a refined, warm and intimate atmosphere, you’ll have a view of the Swiss Lake which was created to irrigate the King’s vegetable garden.

Le Grand Contrôle offers an impressive view over the Orangerie, set under the Parterre du Midi with its impressive ornate plantings. This large 155 metre long south-facing garden is dotted with orange and lemon trees, rose bushes and centuries-old pomegranate trees. Well-respected for the purity of its lines, the Orangerie extends over three hectares, flanked by two galleries which lead to the ‘Hundred Steps.’

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