The Royal Opera, the theatrical jewel at the Château de Versailles

Let yourself be carried away by the plush and refined atmosphere of this golden place.

The Royal Opera at Versailles, the theatre of kings, opens its doors to offer you an exceptional evening. Settled in the best seats, immerse yourself in the show in the majestic baroque theatre and enjoy the many benefits of this exclusive opportunity.

A breath-taking experience at the Royal Opera

Airelles Château de Versailles promises you a sparkling evening at the Royal Opera to admire this stunning edifice in total privacy. It is an exceptional tour, during which you will enjoy a musical performance from your comfortable private box. A privileged seat that can - subject to availability - be dedicated to guests staying at Le Grand Contrôle, for the time of a unique exhibition.

After the show, join the performers backstage at the Royal Opera, with access reserved especially for you. As you drink a toast to this incredible evening, a photographer will capture the moment to help you remember it forever.

Far away from the crowds, the experience continues. Airelles has arranged an exceptional, unique moment – the privilege of attending a 15-minute private concert in an anteroom adjacent to the Royal Opera - subject to availability - and then a chance to meet the artists. Afterwards, your butler will take you back across the Château gardens to your luxurious room by lamplight. It is an idyllic experience from our hotel to share with your family, with nothing left to chance. This amazing experience will surely remain lodged in your memory.

A theatre like no other, one of the hidden treasures of the Château de Versailles

Designed in 1682 for King Louis XIV by Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Vigarani, the Versailles Royal Opera was finally inaugurated in 1770, under Louis XV. The ‘Well-loved’ King commissioned the construction from architect Ange-Jacques Gabriel to celebrate his three daughters’ weddings. It was inspired by the grand Italian opera houses such as Milan’ Scala, with an oval shape offering exceptional acoustics.

The sculptural decoration and paintings were entrusted to Augustin Pajou and Louis-Jacques Durameau. To transform this masterpiece, Blaise-Henri Arnoult, who had technical prowess ahead of his time, supervised the installation of the equipment. By pushing the limits of the mechanics of the era, the Court could enjoy an entirely new form of entertainment.

On May 16, 1770, the day when the Dauphin, the future Louis XVI, was married to archduchess Marie-Antoinette, the Royal Opera was finally inaugurated. Everything was ready for the occasion and it was the venue for a sumptuous feast and impressive celebration for the Court.

An exceptional place for unforgettable moments

Located on the far north wing of the Château de Versailles, the Royal Opera can welcome up to 650 guests and hosts exceptional events. As well as a theatre, it can also be a ballroom or banqueting hall, holding more than 100 events each season.

During your private tour, savour the moment as you admire the 18th century furniture, the woodwork, the mirrors, and the magnificent, glittering lights. You will be struck by the incredible architecture, its variety and the sense of detail. The refined décor will offer you an unforgettable experience from another era.

A true parade of privileges designed by our hotel to make your stay perfect and offer you precious moments await you at the Château de Versailles.

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