Airelles - Chateau de Versailles

An exclusive tour
of Château de Versailles

Before taking your place in the Grand Contrôle’s restaurant to enjoy the feast designed by Alain Ducasse’s, enjoy a unique and timeless experience at Château de Versailles. Every evening, immerse yourself in the history of Château de Versailles as you enjoy a private after-hours visit.

During this exceptional tour you’ll have the privilege of visiting areas rarely seen by the public. A guide will also show you Versailles’ most famous rooms: the Hall of Mirrors, the King’s Apartments, the Private Apartments and Marie-Antoinette’s Cabinets. This tour just for you will be the absolute highlight of your stay.

The Hall of Mirrors

Accompanied by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable guide, explore one of the most well-known rooms at Château de Versailles in complete privacy. Overlooking the garden, the Hall of Mirrors, or the Grand Galerie, is a majestic room designed by architect Jules Hardouin-Mansart.

Previously a terrace, it sits between the King’s Apartment to the north and the Queen’s Apartment to the south. It was later replaced by a gallery surrounded by mirrors, completed in 1684. During your exclusive tour, you’ll see the mouldings, cornices and chandeliers which were restored in 2007.

The 357 mirrors decorating the 17 arches opposite the windows are deservedly renowned and won’t fail to impress because of their number, size and the light that they reflect.

The King’s Apartment

This prestigious row of seven rooms was once the King’s residence: in the Court of France, etiquette decreed that there was great ceremony around the life of the King. It is decorated in Italian style with marble panelling, painted ceilings, antique statues and plenty of gilt.

Every day, the Grand Apartment was open to all, anyone could come and see the King and the royal family when they were heading to the chapel. Under Louis XIV, several parties a week were held here.

During your visit, you’ll have the chance to explore the Salon de l’abondance, the Salon de Vénus, the Salon de Diane, the Salon de Mars, the Salon de Mercure and the Salon d’Apollon. You’ll also open some secret doors to have a look at some rooms which are usually closed to visitors.

The Queen’s Apartment

Looking out over the Parterre du Midi, the Queen’s Apartment is designed with perfect symmetry to the King’s Apartment. But, contrary to the King who, during the reign of Louis XIV, left his apartment, the Queen continued to occupy hers.

For this reason, the décor was changed several times during the XVIII century. The bedroom, where the Queen spent most of her time, is the main room of the apartment. In the morning, she was woken by the Court, a protocol called the Lever de la Reine which you can experience at the Grand Contrôle.

The décor, more sober than in the King’s Apartment, preserves the memory of Versailles’ three most famous Queens. You’ll see the sectioned ceiling created during the time of Queen Marie-Thérèse of Austria, the wife of Louis XIV. The paintings in shades of grey were done for Marie Leszczynska, as were the wood carvings, in the time of Louis XV. All of these elements remained during Marie-Antoinette’s reign while she lived here with Louis XVI: only the furniture and the fireplace changed.

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