Royal meeting with the Queen Marie Antoinette

The Queen invites you for tea!

Travel back in time to Versailles’ heyday and enter Marie-Antoinette’s secret world with this intimate and exclusive theatrical experience. Make your stay extra special and become a member of the Court for one enchanting and luxurious afternoon.

As a hommage to Marie-Antoinette, the tea time consists of fine specialities worthy of a true « Goûter à la Française » : Vienna-style brioche rolls, fine delicacies made by the pastry chef. The Queen’s best friend will greet you and teach you the correct etiquette for afternoon tea, so you will feel completely at ease in your new life as a member of the nobility.

After receiving your noble title, the Queen's best friend will open the doors to your private meeting with Marie-Antoinette. Sample the specialities of the Court, revel in the royal atmosphere of Versailles, and let your curiosity run wild as you pose all your most pressing questions to the Queen herself. You’ll find out all her secrets and also play her favourite game…but watch out, the Queen loves to win! Let these two women who are the embodiment of French elegance enchant you with an unforgettable afternoon – you’ll be the envy of all your friends!

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