A Dog Agility Course in Versailles

At Airelles, our genuine love of animals extends to all our maisons. We welcome your pets as the special guests they are, with special gifts – and experiences – to maximise their enjoyment and yours.

Versailles' love of animals through the ages

During the Grand Siècle, the Sun King, Louis XIV, surrounded himself with a multitude of exotic and domestic animals to enliven the French court. Monkeys, tigers, birds, dogs, and cats, among others, mingled with the sovereigns and their court. Today, we invite you to continue the legacy that animated Louis XIV with our unique and playful experience: a dog agility course with your four-legged friend in a royal setting.

Just steps away from Le Grand Contrôle, you and your canine companion will be warmly welcomed by your professional dog trainer. Surrounded by the lush trees and open green spaces of the Versailles grounds, we've chosen an idyllic spot for this fun and fascinating canine agility experience. Spot the famous circular Lake of the Swiss Guards and the grand marble statue of Louis XIV as you prepare for two-hours of rewarding teamwork.

During your dog agility course, your expert trainer will help you develop your dog's skill, concentration, and coordination by overcoming various obstacles such as hurdles, tunnels, and seesaws. With the guidance of your instructor, you'll help your pet to navigate the obstacle course with a leash and collar, guiding them with your voice and gestures.

Throughout this experience, you'll be strengthening the bond of trust between you and your faithful companion while learning how to enhance the communication between you and your dog through body language.

A legacy of royal animal affection

Louis XIV – whose marble statue watches over your canine agility experience – particularly cherished spaniels, small greyhounds, and pointers, treating them to carefully prepared orange blossom-scented dry cakes from his pastry chef.

The king himself even introduced miniature poodles, including Filou, his favourite dog, to the court. The King's favourite dogs had the privilege of occupying the "Chamber of the King's Dogs" or the "Dog Cabinet", a lasting testament to the significance of animals at the very heart of the French court.

Reconnect with the passion and camaraderie that bind humans and their loyal companions with this unique experience in an equally unique setting.

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