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Make the most of your stay at Airelles Château de Versailles with unforgettable experiences such as an exclusive tour of Domaine de Trianon.

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Just beyond the Château de Versailles gardens, you’ll find Domaine de Trianon. During your stay at Le Grand Contrôle, away from the crowds and in perfect calm, you can explore the hidden treasures of Marie-Antoinette’s domain: Louis XIV’s Grand Trianon and the English Garden which were so beloved by the Queen. Each morning, before it opens to the public, your butler will take you on an exclusive guided tour, revealing the secrets and stories of this historic place.

The Grand Trianon

Domaine de Trianon once played host to Louis XIV and his family, Louis XV and Marie Leszczynska, Napoleon the First and Marie-Louise, Louis-Philippe and Marie-Amélie. Each one has left their mark. While the décor dates from the time of Louis XIV, the furniture designed by the great cabinetmaker Jacob-Desmalter is from the time of Napoleon the First because Trianon, like Versailles, has all its furniture taken during the Revolution.

Its architect, Jules Hardouin-Mansart described the location, commissioned by Louise XIV, as ‘A little pink marble and porphyry palace with beautiful gardens.’. Strongly influenced by Italian architecture, the place is built on just one floor. There’s a flat roof in between the courtyard and the garden, flanked by a balustrade decorated with urns and statues. Unmissable features include the large black and white marble terrace, which joins the two wings of the building; a nod to the Marble Courtyard at Château de Versailles.

The Petit Trianon

Airelles Hotel architect Christophe Tollemer was very much inspired by this refined place when it came to renovating Le Grand Contrôle. Built by Ange-Jacques Gabriel, it was given to Marie-Antoinette by Louis XVI in 1774. Away from the rigid protocols of Château de Versailles, the queen spent many years of her life here, surrounded by her children.

The luxurious royal apartments stand alongside simple servants’ rooms. Thanks to your knowledgeable guide, you’ll learn the secrets of this historic building, as well as the history of many of the items of furniture.

The Queen’s Hamlet

Looking through the windows of the Petit Trianon, you’ll see the Queen’s Hamlet. To explore, cross Marie-Antoinette’s domain. You’ll find several places which were built during the time of France’s last queen: the French Pavilion, the Queen’s Theatre, the Belvédère, the Temple of Love and also the property’s dairy.

Richard Mique designed the Queen’s Hamlet as three distinct areas. Some are for personal use, such as the windmill, the boudoir and the stove room. Beyond the bridge, there are agricultural buildings: the barn, the fishery and the guardhouse. Further away, the farm completes the set. It was here that Marie-Antoinette taught her children about farming traditions, far away from the formality of Château de Versailles. It was her little paradise on Earth, where there was no place for Court etiquette. That’s why here you will feel completely at peace, far away from the hustle and bustle of large towns.

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