A week at the Children’s Kingdom

Children's activities Luxury hotel Courchevel (French Alps)

Kids will find hours of entertainment and have magical new experiences they will remember forever. Very few don’t fall in love with ski-joëring, a winter sport in which the child is put on skis is pulled slowly along by a friendly horse – combining animals and winter fun in one intoxicating moment.

Little ones with a sweet tooth will love our pastry classes with Elena Mosetti, the pastry chef of the hotel, who will share her tips for making gourmet desserts – and let them taste a few.

Also on offer is a hockey game on the hotel’s ice rink.

Or step into an enchanted world designed entirely for children, when Benjamin Crane, magician and illusionist, comes to visit.

Children's activities French Alps

Un concours de glisse pour les plus dégourdis qui pourront organiser un véritable match de hockey sur la patinoire de l’hôtel.

Un air de magie envahit Les Airelles au Royaume des Enfants avec la présence de Benjamin Crane, magicien et illusionniste.