Our promises


We recycle or dispose of our waste and biowaste responsibly

Les Airelles Courchevel is the first mountain palace hotel to commit to permanently recycling or disposing of its biowaste responsibly. We work with the business Elise Alpes, the first Elise franchise which collects and composts food waste. We recycle all waste created during the preparation of food for staff and clients, as well as what is left on plates. All of this is sorted every day and collected three times a week.

Elise has its own composter in order to reduce the number of lorry journeys necessary as much as possible and minimise their carbon footprint.

The compost is then sent to farmers in the Rhône-Alpes, or converted into biogas. We’ve also used some in our gardens this season, completing the virtuous circle!

Elise also collects all our paper, magazines and newspapers.

Our soaps are recycled by Unisoap, the Lyon charity which collects single-use soap for a recycling centre staffed largely by people with disabilities. The recycled soaps are then given to local and national partner charities which distribute them to people in need.

We save water and energy

The heating and air-conditioning system has been changed for the better in 2022: allowing huge economies of energy, with natural resources such as the air outside used to cool where needed.

The temperature of rooms and communal areas has been lowered by three degrees and when each client leaves, the temperature of the room is reduced to 18 degrees.

All lighting is LED and the hotel’s lights are turned off between midnight and 8am .

It’s left up to the client how often they would like their bedlinen changed – unless told otherwise, our staff won’t change it unless necessary.

We are eradicating single-use plastic

Plastic PET bottles have as good as disappeared from our hotels and been replaced by glass bottles. The only ones we still use for safety reasons (in vehicles and the ski room) are made of 100% recyclable plastic.

In the bedrooms and bathrooms, our amenities are wrapped in paper and our beauty products are in glass, refillable containers.

Our staff are given eco-friendly water bottles which are durable, recyclable and made in France.

We clean responsibly

For the benefit of both our clients and the planet, our housekeeping teams dry cleaning equipment and eco-friendly products.

We practice responsible gastronomy

Homemade food is by its very nature responsible! In our restaurants, the Chef and his team favour local produce to keep journeys short, create dishes avoiding waste as much as possible and use organic fruit and vegetables as much as possible.

All our minibar snacks are organic and packaged ethically or by ESAT businesses which primarily employ people with disabilities.


We are always thinking of the wellbeing of our employees

The vast majority of our seasonal staff members are provided with accommodation which we pay for in full.

We are loyal to our seasonal staff, helping them progress through the Airelles Collection and move from one hotel to the another, season to season.

Cross-training is arranged between the hotels to facilitate staff moving between hotels.

The hotel aims to be disability-friendly

The hotel welcomes people with disabilities, both staff and clients. An internal communication campaign (flyers, emails, workshops) keeps teams informed and a dialogue open regarding their personal situation.

We take part in Duoday, a national campaign which involves welcoming a person with disabilities for the day for work experience as part of our team.

Finally, our staff members are trained in welcoming clients with disabilities by a specialist agency.


We encourage our staff to help others

The Airelles Collection offers each employee four days during their working hours to devote themselves to a project with social impact, thanks to our partnership with VENREDI. Hundreds of charities post projects on this social engagement platform which can be carried out in person or remotely, as an individual or a team, skilled or unskilled. Our staff members are aware of their social advantage and are happy to get involved in helping others.

A firm partnership with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

Our teams are closely involved with this charity, which brings children with heart problems from all over the world to be operated on in French hospitals at no cost to their family. Each year, we take on a month-long sporting challenge to cover the costs of a child’s operation.

Our service providers also work ethically

We are delighted to work with companies which work responsibly and ethically such as Unisoap and Elise who train their staff, employ people who have been out of work and work with people with disabilities.