Airelles - Courchevel

Airelles Courchevel's commitments

It gave its name to the collection and remains its historic emblem. The ultra-luxe Les Airelles Palace hotel, with its Austro-Hungarian style façade that continues to fascinate locals and tourists alike, is a truly eye-catching one-of-a-kind establishment. Sustainability poses a challenge up in the mountains, due to location and seasonality. The Airelles teams strive to take up that challenge with tremendous motivation, day after day.


We recover and recycle our waste and biowaste

• The Airelles Courchevel is the first ultra-luxe hotel in the mountains to establish a permanent system for sorting and recovering its biowaste. We work with Elise Alpes, a business that supports disabled workers, the first Elise franchise to set up a food waste collection and composting service: all our organic waste, from food preparation for guest and staff meals, to leftover food on plates, is sorted daily and collected three times a week.

• The service is being extended in 2023 to the Chalets des Solières and Chalet de Pierres, the restaurant on the ski slopes.

• The compost or digestate is then redistributed to farmers in the Rhône-Alpes region or turned into biogas.

• This season we will also have a few samples for our gardens, to complete the virtuous circle!

• Elise also collects all our waste paper, magazines and newspapers.

• Our soaps are recycled by Unisoap, the Lyon-based organisation that collects single-use soaps then processes them in a recycling centre at a workplace known as an ESAT, providing supported employment for people with disabilities. The recycled soaps are then donated to local and national partner charities to distribute them to people in need.

We’re saving water and energy

• 2022 saw a change for the better in the heating and air conditioning system with the move to all-electric allowing us to make massive energy savings, and natural resources such as outdoor air being used to help generate cold.

• Centralized Technical Management - CTM - helps rationalize energy costs. Double glazing and snow sensors for snow clearing operations complete the set-up.

• The lighting is 100% LED and the establishment’s lights are switched off between midnight and 6:00.

• The policy for changing bed linen is at guests’ discretion: unless instructed by them, our staff limit how often they change the bedding.

• Our fleet of guest cars and shuttles includes electric vehicles.  

We are eliminating single-use plastic

• PET plastic bottles have virtually disappeared from our establishments, having been replaced by glass bottles and, in 2023, by 100% recyclable aluminium bottles, made in France.

• In our bathrooms and bedrooms, our amenities are in rice paper packaging and our beauty products are in eco-pumps. The spa offers a range of cosmetics and treatments by La Mer, a brand that is highly committed to ocean restoration and conservation, through its own actions and the very nature of its products.

• Our staff are given eco-friendly reusable water bottles, made entirely in France from sustainable, recyclable materials.

We clean responsibly

• For the comfort and well-being of our guests, the planet and the staff themselves, our Housekeeping teams use dry steam cleaners and eco-friendly cleaning products.

We favour sensible gastronomy

• Homemade food is responsible by nature! In our restaurants, the Chef and his team favour locally sourced produce so as to limit transportation, they make imaginative use of ingredients to avoid waste and maximise their use of organic fruit and vegetables.

• All our minibar snacks are organic and packaged by ethical or ESAT businesses, which mainly employ people with disabilities.


We show constant concern for employee well-being

• We provide the vast majority of our seasonal staff with accommodation which we pay for in full.

• We develop staff loyalty among our seasonal workers by helping them progress within all our properties in the Airelles Collection, moving from one to another with the change of seasons.

• Cross-training employee programmes are arranged between the properties to encourage staff mobility.

We are advocates of gender equality

• Our Human Resources department places particular importance on gender equality.

• Managers receive Equal Opportunities & Workplace Equality training and certain actions are taken regarding our female members of staff, such as installing a Sorority Box in staff locker rooms to combat period poverty and the now corporate-wide International Women’s Day Lunch on 8th March.

The hotel is committed to supporting people with disabilities

• The establishment is disability-friendly, not only as regards guests but staff too, with a powerful disability awareness drive through an internal communications campaign (posters, emails and a support unit) to keep teams informed each year and ensure a dialogue is maintained in regard to their own personal situation.

• We take part in Duoday, a national initiative which consists of giving a disabled person the opportunity to experience a day in the working life of one of our team members.

• Lastly the HR team has introduced short-term work experience placements - known as PMSMP - for unemployed people to get a “taster” of potential career opportunities.

We encourage, develop and value employee engagement

• The Airelles Collection grants each member of staff four days a year from their working hours to get involved in projects with a strong social impact, through our partnership with VENDREDI. This social platform acts as a hub for hundreds of charities to post projects requiring a commitment to work individually or in a team, either in person or remotely, by donating skills on a voluntary basis or providing help in a spirit of solidarity. Our staff members are aware of this benefit and are willing to commit to helping others.

A strong partnership with Mécénat Chirurgie Cardiaque

• Our teams are heavily involved with this charity that covers the cost of heart surgery and treatment in French hospitals for sick children from all over the world. In particular, they take part in the charity sports Challenge every April, involving the entire Airelles group, to fund heart surgery for a child.

Our contractors and suppliers show commitment

• We are pleased to collaborate with social solidarity enterprises such as Unisoap and Elise, who train their personnel, rehabilitate them and provide employment for people with disabilities.

• The teams are also developing the group’s partnership with Linklusion, the leading platform for connecting businesses with self-employed disabled people.

• We have got the commitment of our fresh produce supplier, Maison Colom, to use the services of Pandobac, a reusable trays specialist, in order to eliminate wooden crates and reduce our waste production.