Create a unique atmosphere with Les Airelles

Airelles - Exceptional and Experienced Houses Concept - Luxury Hotels France

The DNA of the Airelles ‘Exceptional Properties’ is based on a unique concept of historical immersion. The collection consists of several establishments with bespoke and exclusive services. The high-quality service owes its strength to the seasonal staff, who are dedicated to giving guests a personalised experience that is discreet, subtle and all-encompassing.

The advantage of Airelles

The group's strategy aims to offer something unique and specific to each hotel through extensive expertise in their local environment. To achieve this, a range of professionals are needed to ensure the operation of the properties is smooth and functions perfectly.

Architecture and construction

Brilliant architectural minds have helped with the renovation of the properties. Projects are have consistently delivered on time and within defined budgets.

Marketing and commercial solutions

The properties are marketed and publicised via various channels to attract the attention of a demanding clientele. The marketing and commercial aspect of Airelles is managed with the utmost care. The priority is to emphasise the exclusive services on offer from the moment of reservation until the stay itself. Throughout this process, booking agents are essential in portraying the image of the Airelles collection to customers.

Human Resources

The Airelles Human Resources department recruits and retains more than 400 employees every year. Whether on seasonal or permanent teams, each employee follows training from the in-house recruitment program. Seasonal staff rotate between establishments according to the time of year and as a result, 55% of seasonal employees are loyal to the brand.

Purchase and support

The finance, administrative, legal and IT departments are deftly supervised by committed and dedicated managers. The IT infrastructure meets all the brand’s needs in terms of stability and security.

Commercial teams

The image of the Airelles brand is driven by the strong commercial experience of its employees. A high level of involvement that from the team helps others understand prestige of the brand. This includes having a high profile at trade shows and meetings. Airelles works with a number of prestigious partners including Leading Hotels of the World, Virtuoso, Signature and Relais & Châteaux. The brand also has strategic partnerships with travel agencies and upscale tour operators.


Thanks to an innovative marketing approach for each of the properties, as well as prestigious partnerships with major French brands, Airelles properties are positioned as upscale hotels. This allows the brand to have a prestigious reputation locally and internationally, relayed in part by PR partners and agencies. This strategy is complemented by a strong presence on social media with optimal SEO.

Revenue Management:

Airelles focuses pricing, distribution and strategy on several channels, which optimises the brand’s turnover. This strategy is based on extensive studies of the best partnerships to adopt with regards to branding and tour operators, as well as internally with regards to each employee, maximising the quality of services offered.


Airelles reservation agents must be on hand to answer all questions. That's why they are trained at each individual property by the sales teams. Therefore, they know and understand the exact services offered by each property and what is possible in terms of personalisation. This also allows them to track each guest from the moment of reservation until they arrive at the property, therefore offering the most personalised stay possible. The booking agents have all the information they need to highlight the amenities and the history of each property, while maintaining an authentic and intimate relationship with guests.

Positioning Airelles

The Airelles experience is all about immersing guests in a particular moment in time. History is an integral part of the properties, and the brand plays with specific eras, characters and locations, which are highlighted by the architecture and interior. When it comes to gastronomy and wellness, Airelles will combine the beloved French touch with authentic, local traditions. Wherever possible, services should be personalised and unique, whether it concerns an individual or more general request, for a family for example. A sincere and genuine relationship should be maintained between guests and staff in each establishment.

A special relationship with hotel owners

The relationship between the Group and the General Managers is based on a participatory model where everyone is free to express themselves and participate in decision-making at committee meetings. The GMs are essential to the acquisition and management of each property. The brand’s lawyers and bankers can help with loans, investment and the termination of insurance contracts in the event of an unexpected operating margin.