Airelles - Chateau de Versailles

Chef Alain Ducasse
at Le Grand Contrôle,
Château de Versailles

With a stunning view over the Orangerie gardens, Le Grand Contrôle welcomes its guests to the Alain Ducasse Michelin-star restaurant, where the French excellent service and love of life are at the forefront. Paying tribute to this unique place and to 18th century culinary traditions, the menu is inspired by the favourite dishes of the flamboyant ‘Sun King,’ Louis XIV. A royal feast that takes you back in time during an extraordinary journey, right in the heart of Château de Versailles.

Chef Alain Ducasse, an expert in French gastronomy

Alain Ducasse is an aesthete, always striving for perfection, a master of both eating well and living well. World-renowned, the chef promotes ethical and sustainable cuisine, with the focus on the authentic taste of produce, championing its flavours. With his experience and knowledge, he takes seasonal products to a different level.

Today, Alain Ducasse is an icon of French cuisine in many restaurants around the world. From New York to Tokyo, or Monte Carlo, he owns more than 70 establishments offering high-end French-style dishes in exclusive locations across 7 countries and 3 continents, all under the creative vision of Alain Ducasse. 

This Chef, with a total of 18 Michelin stars, has brought his personality and French haute-gastronomie to Le Grand Contrôle offering its guests a refined experience. You will be entirely immersed into the 18th century, as you are served a royal feast as it would have been back then. In a warm and friendly atmosphere at the heart of the Château de Versailles, Alain Ducasse revisits menus from the time of the Kings with modern and inventive twists.

An immersive, culinary journey from another era

« Gentleman, to the kings’ table! Ladies, to the queen’s table! » 

Step through the doors into a unique place with breath-taking décor, excellent food and exceptional wines. It is a mesmerising dining experience like no other, with every dish carefully curated by expert French Chef Alain Ducasse.

A Royal Dawn

As morning breaks, get the day off to a perfect start with a luxurious, savoury breakfast with an incredible view over the Orangerie gardens.

Delicious dishes
For lunch, enjoy a feast from the time of the Kings, reimagined by Chef Alain Ducasse and served over three, four or five acts, like an opera. Discover surprising, delicious French cuisine classics inspired by the 18th century at the King’s table.

Marie-Antoinette’s treats

Take a well-earned break during a Royal Afternoon Tea composed of fabulous sweet and savoury snacks created in her honour. Don’t miss your chance to try the Queen’s favourite hot chocolate, this one designed by Le Chocolat Alain Ducasse. A delicious and tasty tea party to enjoy without moderation.

The ‘Hundred Steps’ Royal Feast

Let yourself be swept away by this incredible venue, the splendour of the Court and French way of life among the splendour of Versailles Palace. Enjoy the most exclusive dinner an incredible performance and high-end cuisine, just like in the time of the Kings, carefully designed by Chef Alain Ducasse. In comfortable, intimate surroundings, the restaurant staff, dressed in period costume, invite you to a royal dinner, like a well-choreographed ballet, reminiscent of the feasts of yesteryear.

The Grand Banquet Brunch

Every Sunday, revisit the iconic dishes of the 17th century with friends or family, enjoying a range of dishes designed by Alain Ducasse. You can also try the irresistible buffet of desserts – a culinary paradise for all foodies.