Restaurants at Airelles Val d’Isère

Airelles Val d’Isère offers quality of service in an exceptionally beautiful location at an altitude of 1800 metres. This excellence extends to the hotel’s restaurants, which offer rich and refined gastronomy. Between the iconic La Grande Ourse restaurant and Loulou, which has recently arrived in this famous resort, Airelles Val d’Isère’s restaurants are some of the best in the region. Amaze your taste buds at one of the fabulous hotel restaurants, which offer a cuisine, both traditional and modern. Designed with friendliness and sharing in mind, you’ll be welcomed in an enchanting place with a fantastic menu. For service all day long, head to the Bar with its menu of classic dishes served in a warm atmosphere. At any time of the day or night, you can call room service who will cater to your every culinary whim in the privacy of your room.

La Grande Ourse, the iconic Val d’Isère restaurant

At the foot of the majestic mountains, in the heart of the village of Val d’Isère, La Grande Ourse offers a warm and luxurious welcome. Here, the wood is a mix of warm tones, like in a traditional mountain chalet. One of the best restaurants in the Savoie to go to as a family, La Grande Ourse menu specialises in Savoyard dishes, made with carefully-selected local products. Try typical dishes such as fondue, raclette or the iconic dessert, Bolet de Solaise, in traditional surroundings inspired by the charming region. The iconic Val d’Isère restaurant also has a menu of indulgent, modern dishes: pasta with truffles, croque-monsieur and hot dogs made from quality ingredients take pride of place. Settle yourself in the soft, comfortable chairs and take a moment to admire the magnificent fresco of stars, a stunning work protected by French heritage.

Loulou: a taste of Italy in the heart of Savoie

With a chic, warm atmosphere, Val d’Isère’s new restaurant, Loulou, tastefully mixes Italian flavours with Alpine traditions. The decoration, designed by Corinne Sachot, takes inspiration from a family home, with natural materials and lit by lanterns. One of a kind, Loulou is one of the most spectacular places in Val d’Isère. With Scottish wall tapestry, velour chairs, warm materials, large tables and winter pergolas, the restaurant is always full of surprises. The highlight of the show: the famous florist Thierry Boutemy has decorated the ceiling with some fabulous arrangements to bring a feeling of nature inside with the snowy landscape.

The theatrical experience continues on the plate thanks to the talent of chef Benoît Dargère, who offers cuisine which is both simple and indulgent every day, inspired by Italian specialities. From the famous truffle pizza to pistachio linguini, not forgetting Alpine pot au feu casserole and delicious Italian ice cream.

Head for the 800m² terrace to enjoy a moment in the sun. Every lunchtime, sip a delicious cocktail while a DJ plays and enjoy the party atmosphere, in one of the most beautiful restaurants in Val d’Isère, opposite the Bellevarde slope.

The Bar: the place to be at any time of day

Gourmet cuisine and original dishes await you in the hotel’s Bar at any time of day. A truly cosy haven, The Bar has elegant, warm decor with colourful touches. This unforgettable meeting place offers at any time of the day for pizza, arancini and other sweet and savoury snacks. And when it comes to cocktails, leave it to Amélie Martinez, who punctuates the evening with the sound of her cocktail shaker. Signature cocktails or bespoke creations, the Bar offers you taste sensations in an intimate and relaxing atmosphere.