Unique events at Versailles

Make the most of your exceptional stay at Le Grand Contrôle hotel by taking part in one of the many events organised year-round in the Château and its gardens.

Exceptional events at Versailles

Music in the Gardens

From April until October, the fountains in Château de Versailles’ French gardens come to life during a musical ball. Explore this exceptional place, gazing up at the statues of Apollo, Persephone, gargoyles and many other treasures. On the promenade, you can admire the meticulous topiary, hand cut by the artistic gardeners with skills passed down from generation to generation. The Bosquet du Théâtre d’Eau, the fountains reimagined by landscaper Louis Benech and artist Jean-Michel Othoniel won’t fail to grab your attention. Neptune’s Lake comes to life every quarter of an hour in an elegant baroque show. Everything is accompanied by music from baroque composers including Lully, Rameau, Charpentier, Haendel, Blamont and Campra.

Les Grandes Eaux

At Château de Versailles, the expression ‘Grandes Eaux’ is synonymous with beauty and elegance. The garden’s groves awake during these musical interludes, to the sound of the greatest classics. Decorated with fountains, urns and statues, you’ll enjoy a magical, timeless experience. As you stroll with your family, you’ll have the chance to (re)discover the bronze and marble statues. It’s a delight for all ages.

One-off unique and unforgettable events

The Grand Masked Ball at Versailles

Let yourself be tempted by a royal evening: the Grand Masked Ball at Château de Versailles. Head for L’Orangerie at the Château or the gardens, where you’ll find everyone in costume and ready for a fantastic night. The evening is punctuated by performances by musicians and dancers, plus there’s a DJ playing all the latest sounds. The only rule? Wear a baroque costume and, of course, a mask!

Versailles Electro

An electronic music festival is held every year in the Château de Versailles gardens. Every summer, there’s an exciting and modern programme to get everyone dancing. Artists playing in 2022 included Justice, l’Impératrice and also the group Pop to introduce some disco gems.

Exceptional events all year round

Some of the many unforgettable experiences and parties to look out for at Airelles Château de Versailles include Valentine’s Day, July 14, New Year’s Eve, as well as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day.