Airelles - Saint-Tropez

The Story of Pan Deï Palais

Built in 1835 by General Jean-François Allard as a gift to his beloved Indian princess, Bannu Pan Deï, this enchanting and intimate residence is an enduring tribute to their love story.

Love across continents

General Jean-François Allard, a celebrated military figure who served in both the Napoleonic army and alongside Maharaja Ranjit Singh of Punjab, fell in love with Princess Bannu Pan Deï during his time serving in India. Their union, born amidst the tumult of war and the splendour of royalty, eventually led them to make their home in the heart of Saint Tropez.

Here, amidst the sun-drenched alleys and azure waters of the Mediterranean, the couple found solace and serenity, raising their seven children in the ochre villa that was to become the most intimate of the Airelles maisons – Pan Deï Palais.


A timeless oasis

Today, Pan Deï Palais stands as a testament to the couple’s shared past. Transformed into a characterful hotel with twelve rooms and suites, it retains the echoes of its romantic past in rich, distinctive details, while also embracing a luxurious contemporary elegance.

Stepping beyond its discreet façade from the winding streets of Saint-Tropez, guests are transported into a world of atmospheric beauty and timeless charm. Oriental accents, brightly-coloured Indian rugs, and dark wood furnishings create an ambiance of understated luxury, inviting travellers to indulge in the allure of Saint Tropez's rich history – and the unique history of this particular family home.

Outside, amidst lush gardens dotted with olive trees, guests can bask in the Mediterranean sun or cool off in the tranquil waters of the mosaic swimming pool. With its rich past, exquisite décor, and unparalleled hospitality, Pan Deï Palais remains a cherished jewel in the crown of Saint Tropez, a timeless sanctuary rooted in romance.