In conversation with Chef Nobu

The legendary Chef shares insights on his journey, his passions and what makes his restaurants tick.

How do you connect your global career to your initial sushi apprenticeship in Tokyo?

Tokyo is where I first started. I am Japanese, so the 1st time I went to a sushi restaurant was with my brother in Tokyo. I was very surprised with the warm welcome (Irasshaimase).
It was at this moment that I decided to become a Sushi Chef. Everything ties back to this first experience.

What attracted you to Airelles and led you to consider this partnership?

My partner Tasos Ioannidis met the owner and team of Airelles. We opened the first restaurant in St. Tropez in Château de la Messardière, which was very successful. We built a really good relationship with trust and mutual respect and decided to open a second restaurant together in Val d’Isere.

How did you find this blend that makes your restaurants as much festive destinations as gastronomic ones?

We are a restaurant with good food and good service. We love seeing customers smile and having positive energy. The music in the background helps to keep the atmosphere full of that energy, however the main driver comes from the service and the chefs. They are the stars of all our restaurants.

Are you passionate about cinema? Do you see any similarities between filmmaking and cooking?

I am a chef, not an actor, but when Robert offered me a cameo I did it and I liked it a lot. But once again, I am a chef. My passion is cooking. The similarity between cooking and cinema is that, in both fields, you have to be passionate in order to succeed.