In Conversation with Adrien Trouilloud , Chef of Les Airelles Courchevel

From vibrant family dinners to his formative experience as a young commis chef in Provence, Adrien Trouilloud’s passion for cooking started at an early age. Working his way through the kitchens of some of the world’s finest Michelin-starred establishments, including Paris’ Jules Verne and The Dorchester in London, Chef Adrien earned his own Michelin Star at Restaurant Rech in 2012, going on to open acclaimed restaurant, PINSON, with his wife Maud in 2019. In 2023, we were delighted to welcome Adrien back to his Savoie roots as Executive Chef of Les Airelles in Courchevel.

Is there a specific dish or culinary tradition from your family that holds a special place in your heart?

A significant experience from my early days as a commis was my time at Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle, alongside Chef Benoit Witz. This period was pivotal in my career as it truly sparked my passion for cooking. At the age of 18, I was deeply inspired by the connection to the garden, nature, and the transformation of ingredients. The social atmosphere in the kitchen also played a role in making this experience uniquely human to me, marked by smiles and a commitment to passing on expertise to the teams. Provence, with its tranquil setting and products cultivated in the Abbey’s gardens, became a true haven of peace and discovery for me. There, I learned the importance of treating ingredients well, careful harvesting, and respect for each element in the culinary process.

Quel expériences dans vos débuts en tant que chef a le plus influencé votre approche de la cuisine et des ingrédients ?

Une expérience marquante de mes débuts en tant que commis a été mon passage à l’Hostellerie de l’Abbaye de la Celle, aux côtés du Chef Benoit Witz. Ce moment a été crucial dans ma carrière car il a véritablement allumé la flamme de ma passion. A l’âge de 18 ans, j’ai été profondément inspiré par le rapport au jardin, à la nature et à la transformation du produit. Il faut dire que le climat social dans la cuisine a également participé à faire de cette expérience une expérience humaine particulière à mes yeux, marquée par les sourires et le souci de transmission du savoir-faire aux équipes.

Par ailleurs, la Provence grâce à son cadre apaisant et ses produits cultivés dans les jardins de l’Abbaye, est devenue un véritable havre de paix et de découverte pour moi. J’y ai appris l’importance du bon traitement des produits, de la récolte soignée et du respect envers chaque ingrédient.

How do your Savoyard roots influence your culinary creations at Airelles Courchevel?

The rich terroir, snow-capped mountains, and exceptional lakes of the region naturally inspire my cuisine at Les Airelles. The region’s atmosphere, filled with humanity, along with its passionate artisans and talented producers, provides wonderful opportunities for connections and exchanges. It’s crucial for me to incorporate all these elements into my creations, emphasising a love for the product, the handing down of knowledge, and sharing.

How would you describe your personal philosophy as a chef?

We can summarise this philosophy in three words: authentic, generous, simple. I believe in a cuisine that highlights quality ingredients, prepared with authenticity and generosity. Simplicity is also at the core of my approach because I believe that the best flavors are often found in the purity of ingredients and the precision of culinary techniques.

As Executive Chef at Les Airelles, which dish shouldn’t we miss?

I highly recommend trying Aniello Razzano’s Paccheri with beef cheek, a signature dish from our Italian menu at Les Airelles Courchevel. You’ll be captivated by the tenderness of the beef cheek combined with the delicate texture of Paccheri, all enhanced by authentic Italian flavors—a culinary experience not to be missed.