L'Appartement Montfleury

The Solaise Mountain dominates the Historic Village side of the property, and on the fifth and final floor of Airelles Val d'Isère, it is revealed in all its magnificence from the balcony of the Montfleury Apartment.

Useful information

  • Surface area : 130 m²
  • Capacity : 4 people
  • Facilities : balcony, two bathrooms, fireplace, kitchenette

Val d'Isère exclusivities

At the heart of Savoy, the ski resort Val d’Isère welcomes ski lovers from all around the world. In this legendary Kingdom of snow, Airelles Val d'Isère settles to offer as many sports experiences as exclusive to travellers. A once-in-a-lifetime immersion in the Haute-Epoque era.