Le Château d'Estoublon

In the heart of Provence, only 45 minutes away from Gordes, lies the Château d’Estoublon, steeped like the surrounding region in the Roman legacy, of which it guards some vestiges. Located in that privileged area, Château d’Estoublon has perpetuated the tradition of exceptional olive oils and wines crafted with passion since 1731. 

Discover La Table d'Estoublon®, by Chef Wim Van Gorp, which unveils a cuisine of yesteryear revisited with Provencal influences. On the plate, local, fresh and quality products that sublimate the classics of the terroir.

Between tenderness and whims, poetry and demands, the Château spreads its wings over 1500 m2. Twenty-two rooms, ten bedrooms and suites. And none that resembles the other. 

Become the sole owner of the place for the time of a parenthesis.
The keys to the Castle are yours, Le Domaine d'Estoublon is available for privatisation as a whole.

Here in this kingdom that is off the palace road, exoticism is time, time to do or not to do anything...

Château d'Estoublon