Airelles - Val-d'Isère

Musical evenings at Airelles Val d'Isère

Airelles Val d’Isère is the place to go for anyone who loves outdoor sports. Our team will welcome you to this exceptional and traditional resort,  and ensure you have an unforgettable stay in the mountains.

Loyal to its festive spirit, Airelles Val d’Isère will fill your days with songs and invite you to unique musical evenings. Warm and friendly, the atmosphere ramps up as night falls. Whether it is an acoustic guitar and voice duo by the fire, a piano recital or a DJ set, Airelles Val d’Isère always has a classy, joyful ambience, and music is always on the agenda.

Loulou: DJ sets and piano concerts

Airelles Val d’Isère offers a varied programme of entertainment throughout the day, as well as one of a kind musical evenings. You can experience many different types of music in a festive atmosphere, surrounded by the peace of the mountains.

For those who want to make the most of a sunny day, try the 800m2 Loulou restaurant terrace at lunchtime. Enjoy a leisurely meal with friends or family, comfortably settled in the large armchairs. Every day, our resident DJ Ambre Ballester will play an energetic, retro set.

With samples from icons such as Dalida, she reinterprets French music via house or disco in her own way. During her exciting set, she plays music which is full of soul, yet always upbeat. In the evening, Loulou restaurant will treat you to a piano concert. Always elegant and understated, let yourself be carried away by the melodies, a mix of classical and jazz.

Airelles Val d'Isere, experience soiree musicale

Musical evenings at La Grande Ourse and the Hotel Bar

La Grande Ourse, Val d’Isère’s iconic restaurant, is ready to welcome you every day for traditional, Savoyard dishes. As night falls, the atmosphere becomes warm and intimate for unforgettable musical evenings. Enjoy a unique dining experience with a background of talented musicians. Listen to guitar concerts which include both classic French songs and more modern ones, all carefully chosen with taste. Whether it is 80s tunes, the latest hits or music you have never heard before, you will find yourself humming along to these catchy songs.

For musical evenings by the fire, head for the Bar at Airelles Val d’Isère, where you can listen to some of the best local acts. In a comfy, cosy and unique environment, enjoy the entertainment with a cocktail in your hand and the rhythm of the shakers close by. The Bar team, all professional mixologists, will make you fantastic cocktails with some surprising taste combinations. And for those who want to try something different, our Chef Sommelier is always happy to help you choose a new wine.

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