Airelles - Gordes

Picnic in the gardens

Imagine a perfect day beneath the azure skies of Provence, picnicking within the sprawling grounds of the Château, shaded by pines, encircled by lush olive groves, and breathtaking panoramic views across the mesmerising Luberon Valley.

Among the vineyards or upon the hills, a luxurious picnic just for you

Embrace the essence of the French countryside with a gourmet feast in the Château gardens. Perched high on a clifftop, the Château stands as if suspended in time, quietly overseeing your culinary adventure.  All you need to do is find your favourite spot and lay down your picnic blanket. 

Explore a carefully prepared picnic basket filled with the region's finest culinary treats. Inside, a hand-picked selection awaits, promising a sensory feast.

Wherever you choose to settle, open your basket to an array of artisanal cheese, chilled rosé from our neighbours' vineyards, an assortment of fine charcuterie, and a variety of fresh, seasonal creations meticulously prepared to showcase the vibrant, natural tastes of our region. 

As you share a meal amidst the serene beauty of the Château's Gardens, overlooking vineyards, undulating hills, and the timeless elegance of century-old olive trees, let each morsel take you on a journey through the rich tapestry of local flavours, weaving together tales of tradition, culture, and the art of French cuisine.

Practical information


The experiences at La Bastide are only available to our guests.