Our Commitments

Aware of its impact on the environment and on society, Le Château de La Messardière is committed to improving its services, products, and practices, with a focus on sustainable development, respect for the planet, and the economy.


We conserve water and energy.
  • We advocate for the use of low-impact means of transportation (eg. Mini-Mokes, golf carts, and bicycles), and our fleet of guest cars and shuttles is equipped with electric charging stations.
We recycle and repurpose our waste.
  • Our bath products, designed with the "ecopump" system, allow us to significantly reduce plastic usage in our bathrooms. Airelles products, made in France, are formulated with between 92% and 97% natural ingredients, without parabens, silicones, colourants, or animal-derived ingredients.
  • Our soaps are recycled by Unisoap. The association collects single-use soaps and processes them in a recycling centre based within a Sheltered Employment Centre (ESAT), which employs people with disabilities. The recycled soaps are then donated to local and national partner associations that redistribute them to vulnerable populations.
  • To achieve our goals, many other programmes and practices have been implemented:
    - Use of Organic Cereals
    - Promotion of Local Producers (wines, juices, jams, breads...)
    - Waste Management


The hotel is committed to disability inclusion.
  • Our properties are accessible for guests and staff with disabilities, who are highly sensitised to the topic of disability. Each year, an internal communication campaign (posters, emails, support teams) informs the teams and enables open dialogue about their personal situations.
  • A number of our suites are accessible to people with reduced mobility. Additionally, we offer specific equipment that can be provided upon request for guests with motor, visual, or auditory impairments (wheelchairs, portable magnetic loops, remote controls and telephones with large buttons, adapted alarms).
  • You too can contribute to the preservation of the planet during your stay. Our housekeepers are available to assist you with simple daily habits. For example, you can request the replacement of your water bottles with glass bottles from room service, or ask to limit the changing of bed linen.